Rhinoplasty Post Operative Instructions

On your recovery period your surgeon will offer you specific guidance on your  rhinoplasty post operative instructions. Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi, the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran, provides instructions including information that may adjust based on the patient individual situation. Please follow your direct instructions carefully.

Rhinoplasty Post Operative Instructions

What are the rhinoplasty post operative instructions ?

  1. For the first four hours post surgery, don’t eat anything. Then, stick to foods that are soft, especially fresh fruit juice. It is the perfect option to avoid nausea.
  2. Easy to chew foods make the perfect option you can add to your list of what to eat after nose job.
  3. Smoking slows the recovery process. Nicotine constricts your blood vessels, resulting in less oxygen and blood getting to healing tissues. Quitting smoking before and after surgery can improve the healing process.
  4. For two weeks before and after surgery, you should avoid medications that slow down the blood-clotting process, because they can make your bleed thinner.
  5. A cold compress can also be helpful to minimize swelling and pain.
  6. For seven to ten days, splint may support your nose as it begins to heal. People are usually required to leave splint in place for 7 to 10 days after surgery and then it will be removed painlessly by your doctor.
  7. through rhinoplasty post operative instructions You will be advised to avoid any activities that may harm your nose. You need to limit all strenuous physical and sport activities for a few weeks.
  8. Don’t talk on the phone for a long time and avoid going to the places that may put your nose in danger on getting injured.
  9. Be careful about sun exposure and going to hot places like sauna. Don’t go swimming pool to avoid possible infection.
  10. It is important not put any pressure on your nose and you must sneeze with your mouth open to reduce pressure in the nose.
  11. Don’t blow your nose and avoid touching it as much as you can.
  12. You are not allowed to wear glasses for about two months after surgery.
  13. Take the prescribed medication as it is instructed.
  14. Have enough rest.
  15. Sleeping is essential to a have a healthy and quick recovery after surgery. Your body must work hard to heal the affected area after surgery, so it’s normal to need more energy during the first few days after the operation.
  16. It is advised to patients to get 8 hours of sleep per night to access to the energy your body needs to heal. This is especially important during the first few days after the procedure to get up and walk to promote blood circulation in your body.

Important tips to follow while sleeping after nose surgery:

if you want to know how you sleep after nose surgery you should follow the rhinoplasty post operative instructions.  Sleep with your head elevated. You should keep your head elevated as you sleep. You can simply do it by putting two pillows under your head or sleeping in a recliner. During your recovery, your nose will be delicate. It is important not to sleep on your stomach or side, which can put pressure on your nose. Sleeping in the right position keeps your nose safe and avoids any possible damage like deviation or bleeding.

Exercise after nose job

After a cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery, you may be anxious to get back to your regular exercise routine. your plastic surgeon recommends you to wait at least six weeks before returning to your normal exercise routines. Engaging in heavy exercise too soon after surgery worsens post operative complications. Light exercise such as walking is important for the healing process and helps to avoid blood clots. The key point you need to keep in mind is to avoid ball sports like volleyball, football, basketball and also martial arts or contact sports for almost six weeks or more.

results after recovery

Regardless how complicated the surgery is, the key point for provider and patient is the rate of success can be achieved in the outcome of the surgery. Experience of the surgeon and having control on some limiting factors like nasal skin thickness can have a lot of influence on the result. Meanwhile, the rhinoplasty post operative is also crucial to achieve the planned result.

Before the surgery, getting enough valid information about this phase of the procedure and taking the individual advise of the surgeon, can help us to have a smooth recovery phase. After a year, almost all swelling will subside, so it would be rational to judge the result after a year of your operation

Taping nose

At your one week follow up appointment, your cast will be removed and your new nose will be revealed. It would be an exciting time. Once the cast is removed your surgeon will teach you how to tape your nose. Taping nose is a common practice for patients that is used during rhinoplasty recovery to support the nose and decrease swelling. It can also enhance the patient’s healing process after nose surgery. There are cosmetic and health benefits associated with taping. If the nose taping process is not followed as directed, it can lead to nose deformity.

Generally, most patients should tape their nose for 1 – ۲ months. As each person’s healing and recovery is different, your surgeon will discuss the right duration for you to tape your nose and the best method of taping too. After this period of time, it is usually recommended to tape your nose only at night.

Can I blow my nose after rhinoplasty?

Blowing nose cause damage to the structure of your newly shaped nose if you do it too soon or aggressively after surgery. Blowing nose can damage the inside tissue of the nose or even to tear it, so it is advised to patients to avoid blowing their nose too hard during the recovery and rhinoplasty post operative phase. Most patients will be able to blow their nose after about two weeks, but some patients may need to wait several weeks longer.

How to clean nose during recovery time line?

Cleaning nose is an essential caring procedure that its importance is always stressed after the nose job. Taking a good care of your nose will ensure you get the best final result.
To have a more pleasant rhinoplasty recovery timeline it is important to follow the guidelines of your surgeon about cleaning and washing nose. Blocked-up nose, inflammation, clotted blood, and bad breath from breathing through your mouth are of most common problems that you may deal with after surgery. Your surgeon will give you instructions about how to clean and wash your nose precisely after the surgery.

Nasal Exercises

A nasal cast is used for the first 5 – ۷ days on your nose after surgery to help bones around the nose fuse back together in the desired contour and shape. However, in some cases, the nasal bones must be broken to correct nose deformity. In such cases, your surgeon recommends you to exercise gently your nose to help the bones heal in the correct shape and the right position. There are various techniques to exercise the nose and your surgeon will teach you the one that is right for your needs.

When can I wear glasses?

You are not allowed to wear glasses for at least one month. If glasses must be worn, taping the central bridge of the glasses to the forehead can lower pressure on the nasal bones as much as possible.


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