Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a type of surgery that alters the appearance of loose or sagging skin of upper eyelid, lower eyelid or both. It is a simple and safe procedure that creates effective results on the face. To study the detailed explanations by Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi , the best surgeon for blepharoplasty in Tehran would be useful to get deep information about the benefits of the surgery, the procedure and pre- and post-care instructions.


Blepharoplasty - dr. yahyavi


Upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty

As you age, the skin around your eyes loses the firmness and elasticity, causing folds to appear around the eyes. However, aging is not the only factor of sagging eyelids and some other reasons like thyroid problems or genetics can lead to eyelids to sag. One of the most common questions asked by people with eyelid problems is that whether they need upper or lower blepharoplasty. They are two different procedures and you can keep reading to find out.  

During the upper eyelid surgery, surgeon makes arc incisions on the natural creases of your upper eyelids to remove any excess skin contributing to your droopy lids. Then incisions are closed. Because there are natural creases on eyelids, the incisions will blend in as you heal. Upper eyelid surgery can treat the obstructed vision by removing your droopy lids.

Lower eyelid surgery is performed to correct under- eye bags and puffiness. Surgeon makes an incision below the lower lashes in a spot that will not leave noticeable scars. The surgeon also removes excess skin, if needed.


The results of eyelid surgery will be long-lasting. While there usually is some swelling or bruising, it can resolve just in a few days. the best surgeon for blepharoplasty in  Tehran recommends you to apply cold compresses against the eye area at least during the first 24 hours after surgery and have pineapple and carrot juice in your diet. You should expect the results last between several years and a lifetime. Carefully following the before and after surgery guidelines given by the best surgeon for eyelid surgery in Iran or other cities in the country, can help you have pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Candidates for blepharoplasty

The ideal candidate is someone who suffers from their puffy upper eyelids or bags under the eyes and heavy skin in eyelids that affects their vision. These candidates should be in overall good health. A visit is performed to determine your candidacy for blepharoplasty in Iran . In general, if you look for a smoother contour above and below the eyes and have a brighter and more youthful look and want to improve the appearance of your eye region, eyelid surgery would be a right option. Sometimes, the puffy eyelid is a symptom of another condition including allergy or aging. The treatment of swollen eyelids depends on the cause. Patients should have realistic expectations of the results.

Blepharoplasty like many other rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures can help you look as vibrant as you feel and erase defects caused by aging in face and eyes. Eyelid surgery cannot stop the aging process and the area around the eyes will continue to age normally after the surgery. However, eyelid surgery will produce beautiful, long-lasting results. It corrects visible signs of aging. To follow the tips recommended to maintain the results for many years to come, helps you enjoy your beautiful look the lifetime.

Laser blepharoplasty

As mentioned before, blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove some of the excess skin or fat from upper or lower eyelids to reshape them and give you a more attractive appearance. Today, development of technology has introduced laser eyelid surgery as a procedure performed on eyelids with laser instead of incision which means less bleeding, faster procedure and reduced risk of scarring. A CO2 laser reduces excess skin and fat accumulated in upper and lower eyelids and returns back your natural beauty. No matter where you live in the county it is important to do your best to choose the right surgeon who is capable to work on the most prominent feature of the face and make a huge difference to the outcome of the surgery.

Laser blepharoplasty procedure

A laser approach will use the CO2 laser to make an incision along the natural crease of the upper eyelid to remove any excess skin and fat. No sutures are used to close the small incisions made from a CO2 laser, so they produce less wound and bruise that will usually resolve in a week.

Pre-operative instructions for your eyelid surgery

  • Refrain from smoking two weeks before surgery. Nicotine and tobacco smoke delay healing and can result scarring.
  • Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinner medications, supplements and non-prescription medicines.
  • Stop drinking alcohol a week before blepharoplasty.
  • Your care provider should know about your medical history like dry eye, previous cataract or glaucoma surgeries, diabetes and thyroid problems.
  • If you are pregnant, it is better to receive blepharoplasty treatment until you have delivered your baby.

Caring for yourself after your eyelid surgery

  • Apply cold compress to your eyelid every 10 to 15 minutes for the first 24 hours to help swelling and bruising decrease faster.
  • Your care provider recommends you to apply the ointment on sutures to keep them lubricated. It will make your vision blurry that is completely natural.
  • Cleaning the suture with saline water and then applying the prescription antibiotic ointment is essential part of healing process to avoid infection.
  • after blepharoplasty sleep with the head of the bed elevated or use two to three pillows.
  • Swelling, bruising, dry eye symptoms will relieve after using prescribed medications, cold compress and ointments.
  • Wear dark sunglasses during your trip home. You may be sensitive to light.
  • Avoid bending at the waist or lifting heavy items that increase blood pressure in your eyes.
  • Refrain from watching TV or reading. They can lead to eye dry.
  • Don’t wear contact lenses to avoid eye infection.

When to consider eyelid surgery?

Truthfully, there is no hard-and- fast rule about what age a person needs to be before getting eyelid surgery. This is your surgeon who after examinations decides about your candidacy for surgery. Aging is not the only factor that defects your young look. Some genetic components develop these defects at a younger age that may make you a good candidate for blepharoplasty.

Risks and complications

The decision to have functional or cosmetic eyelid surgery is extremely important to achieve your goals and desires in your appearance. It is important to choose a surgeon based on education, training, certification and experience to avoid major complications and alleviate minor risks. In some cases, it is necessary to perform a secondary surgical procedure to correct any complications that have arisen from the previous eyelid surgery. Bruising, uneven eyelids, noticeable scarring, unnatural results, ptosis and difficulty of closing eyes are complications of eyelid surgery that can be avoided by choosing an experienced expert. Blindness, Orbital hemorrhage, damage to eyes and squint are of rare eyelid surgery complications that can be avoided by choosing a qualified, highly trained surgeon with extensive experience.

Eyelid surgery cost

The average cost of eyelid surgery in Tehran and other cities in Iran in 2023 does include many factors such as anesthesia, operating room facilities, surgeon fee and the extent of defects to be treated. During the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will thoroughly discuss about the subject.

Blepharoplasty FAQ

When can I go back to swimming?

It is better to stay out of the swimming pool for two weeks after blepharoplasty until the wounds heal.

Can I shower after blepharoplasty?

You can shower from the neck down any time after surgery. Don’t take full showers until your surgeon tells you it is safe to do. This is usually five days after surgery.

What are some possible risks after eyelid surgery?

It is rare to develop an infection after eyelid surgery but it is possible. If excess skin and fat removed from eyelids is not enough and surgeon had not been experienced to create satisfactory results, revision blepharoplasty covers a range of these problems.

Does facial cream boost healing process?

It is a good idea to apply eyelid cream and face moisturizer prescribed by your surgeon.


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