Temporal lift | cost, benefits and recovery

Aging affects beauty, youthfulness and attractiveness of skin. This has been a problem for many people who are getting older. The unpleasant changes that a person experiences in their upper face make the face appear angry, tired or sad. The good news for people who have wrinkles around their eyes and eyebrows is that there is a procedure named temporal lift which can reverse the signs of aging. If you are unhappy with these features on your face and want to know how to get rid of them, read this article carefully.

temporal lift + Dr Shahriar Yahyav.

What’s a temporal lift?

This procedure can also be referred to as mini forehead lift or mini brow lift and compared to a full brow lift, is less invasive.

In this operation, the surgeon creates a small incision in the hairline so that the scars won’t be visible after. Then they insert an endoscope through that incision to lift the outer part of the eyebrows.

Patients will recover shortly in one or two weeks, but you need to know that temporal lift only affects the end of the eyebrows and does not lift the entire forehead. With this, only the wrinkles disappear and your face won’t look surprised. So, if you want to look young and beautiful without being unnatural, temp lift surgery is right for you.

Temporal lift benefits

Aside from the pros that were said before, there are also other things that you can benefit from. For example:

  • The fine lines on the forehead will be smoothed out
  • The outer part of the eyebrows will be raised
  • Wrinkles in eyebrows and crow’s feet disappear
  • Sagging cheeks will be lifted
  • Enhances hooded eyes appearance

Another benefit is that the endoscopic temporal lift incisions are made in the hairline, so the scars will be hidden. Additionally, you can have this operation in combination with other procedures like rhinoplasty.

What’s the difference between traditional and endoscopic temporal lift?

Just like you’ve learned before, a traditional temp lift surgery, also known as brow lift involves the entire forehead. It is more invasive and can have more dramatic changes. But the scars will be more visible.

On the other hand, in endoscopic temporal lift even though the changes are minimal, scars will be well hidden and the recovery is shorter.

Temporal lift cost in Iran

If you choose to have the endoscopic procedure in Iran or Tehran , you will save so much money. Compared to full a facelift and a brow lift, endoscopic temp lift surgery is a lot more cost-effective. But we can say that a lot of factors affect the cost of this method, for example, surgeon’s fee and hospital costs is one of them.

Who can have a temporal lift in Iran??

Even though this operation is less invasive than a brow lift, we can’t perform it for every patient. Most of the time people with mild drooping and wrinkles around their eyes can benefit from this method.

We suggest patients with considerable lines and drooping have a full lift. So if your eyebrows are a little droopy you can lift your temple in Iran or Tehran.

Temporal lift recovery time

After getting a temp lift surgery you can be discharged on the same day and there is no need for hospitalization. But it is important for a close friend or one of your family members to be there for you. This person can assist you in going back home and doing some of your chores!

The post-op care for temporal lift will be discussed with you at the consultation session. All you need to do is follow the surgeon’s instructions to have a smooth recovery and get the best results.

On average, temp lift surgery recovery is only 1-2 weeks. After that, you can go back to work and do most of your routine activities without a problem.

Temporal lift scars

Based on the used technique, scars will vary. For example, the endoscopic method leaves minimal scars that are well hidden in the hairline. But in a full lift surgeon must make an incision across the forehead, from ear to ear. Sometimes this incision will be made just above the eyebrows. This will make the incisions more visible, but there is no need to worry! Because if you have chosen a skillful surgeon, these scars will fade away over time and won’t cause keloids.

How long will the temporal lift last?

Because the aging process will not stop, the skin will always continue to age. That being said you can expect that after a few years, the droopiness and wrinkles will come back eventually.

In conclusion

Temporal lift surgery is an operation to enhance the appearance of brows and to lift them. This procedure can be done through different methods; such as endoscopic or full. It doesn’t matter which technique is being used, in the end, patients can enjoy their new and beautiful appearance. The only thing you need to consider is to choose a skillful and experienced surgeon for lifting your temples.


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