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Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi was born in 1970 in Tehran. He entered the faculty of the Iran University of Medical Sciences in 1988 with his efforts and perseverance. In 1996, due to his high intelligence, he graduated with the third honors rank in the field of medicine. In 2017, he participated in the national assistant-ship entrance exam, and by obtaining the second rank, he was able to enter the Department of Otorhinolaryngology of Tehran University. Dr. Yahyavi utilizes the impressive skills he has acquired over the years to deal with all aspects of facial rejuvenation, revision, and reconstruction cases; moreover, from initial consultation to complete post-operative recovery, he accompanies his patients.

Experiencing Youthful and beautiful appearance by dr. Yahyavi

Our faces play an important role in communicating with others. Our facial features and different parts like nose, eyes, cheeks, lips, etc. show our character and age. When meeting new people, having the slightest defect can attract their attention. For many people like famous actors and actresses in Iran and other countries, these types of defects not only won’t lead to low self-esteem but can be enjoyable and lovely. But many of us don’t like these features and we’re desperately looking for a way to eliminate them safely and effectively. Based on the problem and its intensity, some methods are suggested to you that will surely make you confused when deciding to choose one of them. For preventing this problem to happen, or facing any other problems in the future and needing an extra procedure, you need to seek help from a professional expert in this field. Choosing an ENT surgeon for rhinoplasty and otoplasty and treating problems related to the nose and ears is far more effective than consulting your friends or general doctors. ENT doctors know a lot about ears, nose, and throat anatomy and can easily treat you and bring you a very nice outcome. So choosing an expert in one specific field can lead to amazing results.

Why should we choose Dr. Yahyavi ?

Dr. Yahyavi, is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran . He follows special principles and spends a lot of time improving his skills to become a professional and experienced expert in this field. Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging plastic surgeries and at the same time, is one of the most beautiful procedures among them. The surgeon needs more training to apply the subtle changes in rhinoplasty. Dr. Yahyavi always takes some time to gain more knowledge and improve in this field. This is why you can trust him with your nose job surgery.

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The eyes are the first organ that attracts people’s attention when meeting different people. Drooping of the upper eyelid, puffiness under the eyes, etc. are factors that can make a person’s face look tired, sleepy, and uncomfortable. For some people, it even makes them look older than their real age. For these people, eyelid surgery is a great help, because it can have a great effect on their beauty and even reduce their age.

Rhinoplasty Overview

Rhinoplasty means having creativity, skill, and attention to detail from the eyes of an artist
In rhinoplasty , the creativity, experience, and skill of the nose surgeon are very important. Because an experienced and skilled doctor can rely on his knowledge, skills, and expertise to treat nasal abnormalities, injuries caused by previous nose surgeries, etc.
Such a doctor can recognize the subtle differences that exist in our natural beauty and by creating good physical changes, create an attractive harmony and make the beauty of the face double.
If you want to get more information about this, we recommend not to miss the prepared article!!

Facial fat injection

If you want to reduce the signs and symptoms of aging or if you are tired of having a bony face, you can return beauty and youth to your face with a fat injection. By injecting fat into different areas of your face and even your body, you can achieve freshness, vitality, and beauty using a safe method. Because the required fat is removed from the patient’s own body, it does not cause any problems or complications such as infection.

No, if you choose an experienced surgeon, there would be no breathing problems after rhinoplasty.

According to the newest rhinoplasty method, the nose job result will be permanent.

Blepharoplasty affects on eyes indirectly. For example, treating drooping eyelids make eyes look younger and more alert.

After surgery your lips are swollen and it takes 3 to 4 weeks to completely heal. Then you can see the final result.

You will experience pain for 10 to 14 days after Tonsillectomy. To reduce the pain after surgery, you can use prescribed painkillers.

Otoplasty performs on cosmetic aim and it does not affect on hearing.