Facial fat injection

Facial fat injection is one of the trends in rejuvenating the skin of the face and other areas of the body, it is very common today and has had good and favorable results, and the result of this function is different depending on different people. Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi , the best fat injection doctor in Tehran, relies on his knowledge and skills to perform this process with the highest quality and bring the best results to his applicants. In the continuation of this article, we are trying to provide explanations about this process, which will help you a lot when making a decision.

facial fat injection

In some cases, the injected fat has been completely absorbed after some time and it will be reabsorbed after repetition, this has caused more concern and disappointment to the patients that the injected fat will be absorbed after some time and the long-term effect does not have. To solve this concern, it should be said that if the fat injection is done correctly and scientifically in the right areas, it will have favorable results even in the long term. In many cases, it will not be necessary to re-inject or repair it.

Candidate for fat injection in the face

In general, in most men and women, over time, we will have the phenomenon of fat loss in the face. It should be mentioned that some people who are young and come to us do not have prominent features genetically and do not have much subcutaneous fat tissue. In these cases, fat injection can be used in the face, which is usually injectable fat from the abdomen or, in very thin people, from the inner or outer thighs.

Facial fat injection area

  • Forehead: Some patients come with a flat forehead and they like the forehead to be multifaceted. A conservative thing that can be done to create a convex forehead is fat transfer to the forehead.
  • Eyebrows and upper eyelids: Many women have dimples behind the eyes, which do not look very good and make the patient look older than their approximate age. In this case, we can use fat injection in the face in the area under the eyebrow and upper eyelid, which will be considered a form of facial rejuvenation.
  • The temples: The temples should normally be full. In some people who have empty temples, we can do the injection.
  • Eye depressions and cheekbones: The main application of fat injection in the face, which is very effective today, is in these areas, which leads to excellent results. Today, the request for placing cheek implants is decreasing day by day.
  • Jaw modeling: It is done by strengthening the angle of the jaw. The depressions on both sides of the chin, which can be seen in middle-aged women and later, can be corrected.
  • Highlighting lips: Making laugh lines lighter and shallower

Benefits of fat injection in the face

The fat injection has many positive effects, which you can see below:
skin rejuvenation : Returning the lost volume of the face with fat injection restores freshness and freshness to your skin and makes you look young again. In addition to restoring the lost volume, fat injection in the face can be used to create a beautiful and desired shape in that area.

Short recovery : After fat injection, a little swelling and inflammation occur in the skin, which improves after a short period. The process of fat injection and transfer is minimally invasive, and the effects will disappear sooner than you can imagine.

Result lasting : In facial fat injection, fat from your own body is used. Therefore, these fats are not rejected by the body and have a good shelf life. The durability of this method is longer than other beauty trends such as gel injection or Botox.

Safe procedure : No chemicals are used in fat injection, and no foreign substance enters your body. This means that there is no possible risk of allergic reactions. The fat tissues of your body are easily connected with other body fat grafts and become part of them.

Collagen stimulation : One of the best changes that happen after fat injection in the face or other areas of the body is the stimulation of the injection areas and surrounding tissues to increase collagen production because the injected fat cells contain stem cells. The higher the production of collagen in the skin, the more the skin maintains its elasticity and remains young.

Facial Fat injection process

To inject and transfer fat according to the dose of the injected fat, local anesthesia, and general anesthesia are used in the patient. In cases where the injection area is small, anesthesia and sedation are usually used before the injection to reduce the patient’s pain. The injection process is done in 3 steps:

 ۱) Fat extraction: In the first stage of fat injection, with the help of other methods such as liposuction, the required fat is removed from accumulated and excess fat in other areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, or thighs.

۲) Cleansing and purification of fat: In this step, damaged fat cells should be separated from healthy cells. In the next step, centrifugation is used to separate the golden liquid from the purified fat cells, to prepare it for injection.

۳) Injection: Finally, the purified fat is injected into the required areas of the body with the help of thin needles. The amount of injected fat and the number of times required for fat injection in the face are different according to the area and the amount of fat lost in that area.


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