Natural structure rhinoplasty

Natural structure rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic nose surgery. In response to have a nose that appears natural, Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi, one of the best surgeons, has developed some surgical principles to create a nose with natural structure and appearance. You can view actual before and after images of rhinoplasty patients treated by Dr. yahyavi on his website or Instagram.

Natural structure rhinoplasty

Different types of noses

Fleshy and bony noses refer to two types of noses that are categorized based on the nasal-thickness skin. The most obvious feature of bony noses is thin skin. This thin skin makes it perfect for natural structure and fancy nose job. In patients with all of the fleshy nose features such as thick skin and weak skeletal cartilage, surgery is more challenging. These distinct features make patients with fleshy noses more eligible for natural structure rhinoplasty.

What are the main aspects of natural structure rhinoplasty?

  • The nose tip is not pointy and looks natural
  • There is a proper angle between the nose and upper lip
  • The bridge of nose is not curvy
  • It shapes nostrils into natural anatomy

How to get a natural-looking rhinoplasty

In a closed technique known as endonasal rhinoplasty, the surgeon will make all incisions inside the nostrils. The surgeon uses special tools to work through narrow openings in each nostril. Natural structure rhinoplasty mostly involves reshaping the tip and behind of the nose. No matter what surgical procedure is applied for this surgery to improve your appearance and structural defects, to ensure your safety, you must seek skilled providers with the proper credentials.

Surgical techniques for natural-looking rhinoplasty

There are two basic approaches of open and closed techniques for all surgical rhinoplasties. It is the surgeon who decides about the best option to achieve the most satisfactory results.

Open technique utilizes an incision across columella, the tissue that separates the nostrils to lift the skin up from the nose and provide direct visualization of the internal structure of the nose.

In closed approuch, all incisions are inside of the nose and there is no outside cut. Less swelling and bruising after natural structure rhinoplasty is of privileges of this technique.

Alar reduction rhinoplasty is a very technical procedure to narrow the wide nostrils that Dr. Yahyavi a highly qualified surgeon in Tehran performs it using closed technique based on the highest standards. You can look through the samples on his website.

Pre-surgery instructions

  1. Select a board-certified surgeon for natural structure rhinoplasty in Iran
  2. Refrain from taking any medications like aspirin that can increase the risk of bleeding
  3. avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 4 weeks prior to surgery
  4. inform your doctor about chronic diseases, current medications, or drug allergy
  5. avoid eating and drinking for 12 hours before the surgery
  6. during consultation, discuss your expectations of natural structure rhinoplasty
  7. take a shower the night before the surgery because you cannot bathe for 3 to 4 days after the procedure.
  8. ask someone to be your caregiver in the hospital
  9. please don’t wear make-up, jewelry or nail polish
  10. male patients should shave their mustache, if any, on the morning of surgery
  11. get to the hospital or clinic half an hour earlier than the surgery

Natural structure rhinoplasty for men

what men and women follow to achieve through nose job are based on different standards. Through nose job, men generally want to correct structural and aesthetic problems of the nose and create a natural-looking nose that aesthetically blends with the rest of the face and does not look fake. So, natural structure rhinoplasty in Tehran is the most common procedure among male candidates, because the appearance features of fancy nose surgery would not provide satisfactory results for men.

what to expect after rhinoplasty surgery

  • swelling is a normal side effect after surgery and will be at its worst in the first three days after the procedure and should subside eventually
  • stick to foods that are soft and easy to chew and drink plenty of water in the first few days
  • sleep with your head elevated with two or more pillows
  • avoid strenuous physical activities and exercise for at least 3-6 weeks
  • take care of your protective cast. You should not let your cast get wet while showering
  • to ensure you experience the best result, the surgeon advises you to follow all pre- and post-operative instructions
  • limit sodium and spicy food intake, because too much salt can cause much swelling
  • it is advisable that you don’t go swimming for a while
  • avoid wearing glasses for two months because glasses can cause minor shifts in the nose tissue
  • don’t blow your nose during the first few days
  • limit speaking and laughing after natural structure rhinoplasty
  • use a soft toothbrush and gently move it in your mouth
  • avoid the sun exposure
  • apply all prescribed medications

The difference between natural and fancy nose rhinoplasty

As mentioned before, in natural model, the tip of the nose does not rise and the angle between nose and the upper lip should be about 95 degrees, but this angle is more in fancy and semi-fancy nose job.

The nasal bridge is usually straight in natural structure nose but there is a slight curve on the bridge in semi- fancy nose. This curve in fancy nose is more obvious. Fancy and semi-fancy model are good options for candidates with bony noses and is not usually recommended for fleshy noses. But natural structure rhinoplasty is a procedure that can create satisfactory results in almost all types of noses.

How to pick the best natural structure rhinoplasty expert?

One of the most important phases in assuring attractive results is selecting a board-certified and experienced surgeon. Rhinoplasty is an elective, non-emergent procedure and patients have enough time to find a surgeon with genuine expertise. Any failure to have a careful and conscientious research means gambling with your face and would not guarantee a perfect result. To neglect the importance of choosing a good surgeon can cause some problems in the result such as difficulty breathing after surgery. In this case, revision rhinoplasty would be necessary for the problems to be resolved. Typically, the wait for revision nose job is 12 months. During that time, swelling dramatically decreases and the nose will continue to change. nose surgery is a highly complex type of plastic surgery and because of the delicate structure of the nose, a secondary nose job would be more complicated. Because of the complex nature of this secondary procedure, it is typical for these surgeries to cost more than the primary rhinoplasties.

What makes a good natural structure rhinoplasty expert?

  • To be skilled enough to perform almost different types of nose cosmetic surgeries
  •  Look at the safety of patient as number one priority
  • Having a keen sense of aesthetic and understanding the desires of patient
  • To be a good listener to the patient during the pre- op consultation and devote a lot of time to make every thing such as pre- and post- operative instructions clear for the patient.
  • To talk to the patient in a way that minimizes stress and anxiety

How to choose the best natural structure nose expert in Tehran

  • Talking directly to people who had done rhinoplasty
  • Search online to prepare a list of the best surgeons
  •  Research credentials and expertise of the surgeon
  • Browse before and after photos. You can see photo galleries on-line
  • Meet in person with your potential surgeon for a consultation

How much does natural structure rhinoplasty cost in Tehran

The cost of natural-looking rhinoplasty in Tehran or other cities in Iran depends on some factors such as the experience of the surgeon, cost of surgeon, anesthesia fee, cost of using the hospital and medications and necessary medical tests before the surgery. These factors make the cost of a rhinoplasty procedure changeable.


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