central lip lift

With beautiful lips, you will have a pretty smile. Fortunately, today many cosmetic methods have been introduced based on the progress of science, which aims to improve the beauty of the face. The central lip lift is one of these operations, which has a lot of variety, and today we are going to provide you with a collection of comprehensive explanations from Dr. Yahyavi , the best face and nose cosmetic specialist in Tehran, regarding one of these procedures under the title of central lip lift.


central lip lift


Types of lip surgeries

Lip surgery, which is performed to lift and correct the length of the upper lip, treats the appearance problems that have arisen over time in the skin at the base of the upper lip due to the loss of elasticity and changes in its shape and length. Increasing the length of the lips covers the upper teeth and reduces the attractiveness of the face. Using upper lip surgeries, this lengthening is treated and youth and attractiveness in the lip area are restored. Some lip lift surgeries include the following:

  • Central lip lift
  • Lip prosthesis surgery
  • Lip subnasal surgery
  • Italian lip lift
  • Lift the corners of the lips
  • Lip rejuvenation surgery
  • Vermilion augmentation surgery

What is central lip lift?

Central lip lifting is an operation that improves facial aging symptoms by rejuvenating the appearance of the upper lip with surgical methods. Facial aging causes the length of the upper lip to completely cover the upper teeth. In addition, facial aging causes the corners of the lips to droop and lines to form around the lips. With the central lip lift, the skin distance between the upper lip and the red part of the lip (vermilion) and nose is shortened. In this process, a 1 to 3 mm incision is made and more vermilion is visible from the upper lip, which reduces the drooping of the corners of the lips. The result is lips that are younger and more attractive by creating only one hidden incision in the natural folds under the nose.

Am I a good candidate for a central lip lift?

People who are affected by the visible effects of aging on the face, especially in the lip area, can benefit from a central lip lift. Ideal lip lift candidates are often people whose upper lip length is more than 20 mm and the long distance between the upper lip and the nose covers their upper teeth.

How to prepare ?

The preparation process for undergoing lip lift surgery includes attending a consultation session to discuss the patient’s health and lifestyle and his expectations from the surgery. During this session, the doctor evaluates the aging percentage of the lips and face, the quality of the skin, and the general health of the patient. To ensure the best results from the central lip lift procedure in Tehran, discuss the following topics with your doctor:

  • Your expectations and demands from surgery.
  • Drug sensitivities, medical conditions, and treatments you have undergone.
  • Medications such as blood thinners, herbal supplements, and other medications you are currently taking.
  • Surgeries you have previously performed on your face.

During this session, the doctor will talk to you about different methods of lip lift and other rejuvenation operations. He evaluates the facial proportions or anthropometry of this organ and examines it from different dimensions. Photographs of your face will be taken and options related to various lip lift procedures and treatment plan goals will be discussed. Then, in the last stage of the procedures before central lip lift surgery, the expected results and potential risk factors are also discussed.

How is central lip lift performed?

Central lip surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes less than an hour. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during the surgery. The surgery begins with a small incision made directly under the nose. Excess skin height is removed. Lip muscles remain intact. The incision is then closed and over time it is hidden in the natural crease under the nose. The result is a younger upper lip with a more voluminous shape in the vermilion area. The reason for this area becoming more voluminous is its outward rotation.

A procedure that treats sagging lips is often combined with a central lip lift by making double small incisions in the corner of the mouth at the junction of the skin with the red part of the lip or vermilion. Lifting the corners of the lips makes them in a better position and as a result, facial rejuvenation is improved.

Comparison of central lip lift with filler injection

The lip lift is a much more attractive method compared to lip filler injection because in lip lift, the result obtained is permanent and there is no need for follow-up visits to extend the result. Filler injection cannot be considered a good solution to improve the vertical height of the lips. Filler injection increases the volume of the lips but does not reduce the length of the philtrum or lip kiss. Unlike fillers, the skin that leaves a temporary result and creates a lip similar to a duck’s beak, creates a permanent result that has a completely natural shape.

Side effects of lip lifting

  • Allergic reactions to anesthesia
  • Poor healing of wounds and scars
  • Creating slight bumps on the lips
  • Asymmetric lips
  • Changes in the sensation and movement of the lips

Can central lip lift be combined with other beauty procedures?

Lip lifts, like any other cosmetic procedure, should be customized and tailored to the patient’s needs and goals. The following procedures can be performed in combination with a lip lift to improve the results of the treatment:

Perioral fat injection or transfer is a minimally invasive procedure in which the patient’s body fat is injected into the lips and creates more prominent lips. It is a natural option and creates permanent results.

Treatment or perioral nano fat grafting, which is a minimally invasive process, interacts with the effects of aging using the

patient’s refined fat, which contains a large number of cells with the ability to reproduce.

Lip dermal fillers can be used to further enhance the result of central lip lift.

Lip smoothing with dermabrasion, laser, or chemical peels can be used to smooth the lines around the lips.

Does central lip surgery leave a scar?

The short answer to this question is yes. Whenever a cut is made on the skin, a scar is left behind. This is one of the most frequent questions asked by patients, and the reason is that patients are worried about the scars remaining on their faces. Of course, choosing an experienced facial plastic surgeon who can use modern techniques to close wounds is very important in minimizing scars after central lip lift surgery in Tehran. During surgery, the doctor can hide the incision along the most distal part of the nose. The incision is made in a way that follows the natural contours of the palm of the nose. When the recovery process is complete, this cut will not be visible.

During the initial consultation, the doctor will discuss with the patient the desired results of the surgery and the procedure, so that they both reach a point of agreement regarding the amount of skin to be removed from the white part of the lip. This amount is about four to six millimeters, but this small amount can make a significant change in the patient and make his face look younger. During the central lip lift operation in Tehran, the doctor uses a small measuring tool called a caliper to accurately measure the amount of skin to be removed.

Some patients have an asymmetric part in the red part of the lip, and a lip lift can be used as a solution to determine the amount of tissue that needs to be removed from one side of the lip compared to the other side.

How long does central lip lift surgery take?

The lip lift is a relatively simple procedure that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. This surgery can be performed in the office using local anesthesia. Central lip lift as a cosmetic procedure can be implemented simultaneously with other surgical procedures.

Is lip lift surgery safe?

Central lip lift is a minimally invasive procedure that carries very little risk. The recovery time after the operation is very short and in a very short time, the patient can have young and attractive lips. The scar left by this process is not visible at all because it is hidden in the natural crease under the nose.


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