Thin skin nose rhinoplasty

 Some people have thin skin noses. The most prominent features of these noses are strong cartilage and bony structure. People with this type of nose usually search for treatment to correct bumps, nose deviation, a drooping or large nasal tip, and wide nostrils. Whether you are considering rhinoplasty for cosmetic or medical reasons, it is crucial to make sure that the surgeon is well-qualified in thin skin nose rhinoplasty and is experienced enough to fulfill your needs in your nose. There are different varieties like natural, barbie-nose like or semi fancy nose to change the shape of bony noses among which an expert rhinoplasty surgeon picks the most proper one depending on your unique conditions and what results you hope to achieve.

Thin skin nose rhinoplasty

What is the difference between thick and thin skin noses?

Bony noses usually have thin skin and strong cartilaginous structure, while thick skin and weak cartilaginous structure are of the most prominent features of fleshy noses.

Pre-operative instructions for thin skin nose surgery

  • Talk to the surgeon about your expectations from the surgery
  • Inform the surgeon about any health problem or allergy you suffer from
  • Take the result of prescribed tests and examinations with you
  • Refrain from anti-inflammatory drugs also known as NSAIDs for two weeks before the thin skin nose rhinoplasty
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol during the two last weeks before the operation
  • Drink plenty of water a day before operation
  • Before going to the hospital or clinic have a full shower
  • Don’t eat or drink anything 8 hours before the surgery
  • Don’t polish your nails or make-up on the day of operation
  • It is necessary for men to shave their face before surgery
  • Try to get to the hospital at least 30 mins before surgery

Typical post- operative instructions for thin skin nose rhinoplasty

  1. Once your surgery is completed, it is crucial to follow all post operative instructions given to you to have a smoother and faster heal.
  2. To alleviate discomfort, bruising and swelling, apply cold compress over your eyes and cheeks for the first 72 hours after the operation
  3. Use two pillows under your head while sleeping or resting to help swelling reduction
  4. Have soft foods that do not need much chewing
  5. During the first few days after thin skin nose rhinoplasty it is recommended to stick to fresh fruit juice like pineapple
  6. Avoid doing any strenuous physical activity for the first 6 weeks after surgery
  7. Refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol for two weeks
  8. Don’t blow your nose. It puts your nose under a lot of pressure and is really dangerous
  9. Take medications prescribed by your surgeon
  10. Meet your provider after 7 days to remove stiches and splint from your nose. It is recommended to have a shower beforehand and let your splint get completely wet


How much does thin skin rhinoplasty cost on average?

The cost of rhinoplasty for thin skin nose will vary by the provider, anesthesia, services, tests, photographs, medications and even location.
Selecting a good thin skin nose rhinoplasty expert. nose job is an elective procedure that means you have enough time to search for a surgeon who is able to assure satisfactory results. The right selection of the surgeon will have a direct influence on the outcome of your operation.

What you should do is searching for a provider who has valid medical license, is board certified and has a broad experience in the field of bony nose operation. It is also a good idea to look at the photo archive of the patients who had nose job by your potential expert. As a result of choosing a wrong surgeon, the outcome will not be at a satisfactory level and you may need revision surgery after a year.

What are various types shapes for thin skin nose cosmetic surgery?

In general, noses can be modified into 3 different shapes or models during thin skin nose rhinoplasty. The first and commonly selected is natural looking nose job, that focuses on maintaining the nasal bone, tissue and cartilage of the nose in the natural position to create a contour that looks completely natural. So, the nose will not look surgical and fully fits the whole face as if you are born with it. This type of nose surgery is more common among men candidates.

Natural structure nose is also a good option for patients with long face. It causes the face look a little rounder. Natural structure nose cosmetic surgery can create satisfactory results in both bony and fleshy noses. One of the most prominent features of natural looking nose is the angle between upper lip and the nose that is almost 90-95 degrees.  Barbie nose surgery known as fancy nose job, too, is more common among women candidates of rhinoplasty. Most women like to have a nose that

resembles the nose of the beautiful barbie doll. This type of nose job is very complicated and needs the surgeon to have a full expertise and experience in this field. Raised nose tip and obvious curvature on the bridge are the most prominent features of this noses and due to the small size of the nose, it is necessary to choose a very experienced provider to avoid breathing problems after operation.

Skin type in fleshy noses exerts some limitations to perform fancy nose rhinoplasty. thin skin noses are always considered better option here. Semi-fancy nose job is another common type to shape the nose that has the features of both natural and fancy noses. There is less curvature on the bridge comparing to fancy nose job, but the angle between upper lip and the nose tip is wider than natural nose structure and is about 95-100 degrees.

What side effects are most common after thin skin nose cosmetic surgery?

For almost all thin skin nose rhinoplasty patients, pain, swelling and bruising are anticipated complications. It is natural to experience these side effects and they will subside during the first week or two.


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