How much does rhinoplasty cost in Iran

The cost of a plastic surgery procedure is certainly an important topic for many patients. Therefore, it’s important for them to know about the costs of the surgery. The rhinoplasty cost , depends on a variety of factors. The information provided during the consultation session with your providers will always offer the most accurate assessment of the cost of the procedure. The information below provided by Dr. Yahyavi , one of the best rhinoplasty experts in Tehran can help you to understand cost variables of this surgical procedure.

rhinoplasty cost

What variables affects the rhinoplasty cost ?

Provider experience :

The more experienced your provider is, the better the result of your procedure will be. It may lead to higher cost of the actual procedure. There are numerous types of rhinoplasties and the most appropriate procedure that is picked for an individual candidate will be dependent on the candidate’s unique needs. However, it’s important to note that the actual cost of the procedure may be higher or lower depending on individual circumstances.

Extra Costs of Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • The operating room fees
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Hospital/facility expenses
  • prescription medications
  • Location of the surgery
  • How complicated the surgery is
  • Experience and expertise of the surgeon

note : Whenever someone needs a little modification in the nose, the final rhinoplasty cost will be less than a very complicated procedure.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Yahyavi will determine the best surgical plan to achieve the desired aesthetic goals. Besides, the surgeon will provide you with a detailed cost-estimate according to your customized procedure plan.

Factors Impact the Overall Cost of nose job in Tehran

The factors that are the reasons for why the rhinoplasty cost varies significantly can be as follow:

Surgeon Experience

Paying attention to the skill, experience as well as formal accreditation of the expert will affect the price of the rhinoplasty surgery in Iran. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon that has spent many decades on doing a lot of nose surgeries will take extra care and steps to manage unexpected complications during the procedure and helps you get the best possible result. The more experience the surgeon has, the more common mistakes during surgery will be avoided.

Type of nose

The rhinoplasty cost is mostly dependent on the overall characteristics of the individual nose.

Geographical region

The nose job price varies depending on the geographical area in Iran where you live in. For example, the nose job cost in metropolitan cities like Tehran is not comparable to small cities. Larger cities usually provide more available facilities.

Rhinoplasty Cost Before and After the Operation

It is some times necessary for patient to pay some costs before having a nose job. These costs are as follow:

Laboratory tests : There are a number of tests prescribed by the doctor before the operation. They range from a simple blood test to CT- Scans and hormone profiles. The result of the test should be admitted to the surgeon before the operation to draw the best plan for the procedure.

Photography cost before and after the procedure : Photography allows the facial plastic surgeon to assess the patient’s facial features, identify any asymmetries or irregularities, and determine the appropriate surgical techniques to achieve the desired aesthetic goals. It can be done in the surgeon facility and predictions of the possible changes that is performed on the photos can serve as a valuable resource for patients to give them an insight into the potential outcomes of their surgery.

 rhinoplasty costs after procedure

After rhinoplasty, there is no charge unless the doctor prescribes some medication or receives fee for the visit and taping of the nose.

Will Insurance Cover nose job Procedure?

Rhinoplasty expenses rarely are covered by the patient’s health insurance policy because rhinoplasty is considered as cosmetic procedures and is an elective surgery that is usually performed for aesthetic reasons.

In the case of a procedure that aims functional problems it can be partially covered by medical insurance. You can get in touch with your insurance provider to learn about their policy and coverage.

Thick skinned Nose rhinoplasty Cost

As it is fully explained in thick skinned nose article, the surgical procedure on this type of nose, becomes a little more complicated and challenging comparing to the bony noses and it is wise to be done by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon. these kind of nose refers to a nose with thick and oily skin and weak cartilage. Correcting the defects of fleshy noses is more challenging. Some times grafting is performed to strength the structure of the fleshy nose, too.

Rhinoplasty for thick skin noses is a more complex procedure and the more time and resources will be required to perform it which can result in a higher price of the surgery. Due to the more complicated problems in this type of nose, additional work may be required to correct the issues.


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