Are you unhappy with the size of your ears? Are they protruding and make you feel embarrassed? Ear surgery also referred to as otoplasty , is a corrective procedure that involves reshaping or resizing ears to create desired shape and position and restore balance of your facial features. Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi , the best surgeon for otoplasty in Tehran, analyses the procedure from different aspects. Don’t miss studying the content.


otoplasty in Iran


Different types of otoplasty

  • Ear pinning
  • Ear reduction
  • Ear augmentation

What is the best age for otoplasty?

Ear surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed on people of all ages. Some children are born with ears that are exceptionally large and misshapen. Doing surgery to correct the problem immediately after birth may somehow solve the problem, but it is best performed on younger children whose ears have fully developed. This usually happens around the age of five. It is possible to perform this procedure in adults but due to the faster healing process in children, younger age would result significantly better improvement.


The most popular reasons people get otoplasty in Iran and all over the world are as follow:

  1. Correcting protruding ears
  2. Restoring self-confidence
  3. Being reasonably safe
  4. Creating permanent results

How long does otoplasty take?

Typically, cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure that takes short as little as two or three hours. Depending on how complicated the surgery is, you may need to spend more time in the operation setting.

How to prepare for surgery ?

Before the otoplasty operation in Tehran , you need to meet your surgeon in a consultation appointment. Your plastic surgeon will:

  • Evaluate your ears
  • Discuss about likely outcomes of surgery
  • Reviews your general health condition

your healthcare provides you with a full list of preoperative instructions. Some of these common instructions are as follow:

  1. Avoid any aspirin, NSAIDs and herbal supplements. These products affect bleeding.
  2. Nicotine in the bloodstream interferes with healing and repair and can result in significant complications. Your healthcare advises you to stop smoking before surgery and plan to avoid cigarette boxes for a few weeks and the rest of life if possible.
  3. Make an arrangement with a friend or family member to drive you back home after surgery.

How is otoplasty procedure?

Ear surgery is a safe procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia while you remain unconscious and free of pain. It is also possible to perform procedure under local anesthesia that results in temporary total numbness to allow a very comfortable, painless ear surgery experience.

 procedure steps

Each surgical procedure follows special steps depending on its specifications. But in general, otoplasty takes the following steps into account:

  • To use surgical techniques to create incision
  • To add or remove to ear texture
  • To reshape ears
  • To close incisions

Otoplasty recovery tips

An ear surgery full recovery typically takes in 6-8 weeks, but you can notice improvement in your ears in approximately 2-3 weeks after surgery. Each patient will follow a unique protocol, but bellow are some general tips to otoplasty recovery:

  1. To avoid infection, don’t touch your ears
  2. You may feel burning or pain in stiches
  3. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes to avoid putting pressure on ears while taking them off.
  4. Sleep on your back with your head elevated to minimize any swelling.

Risks & complications

Otoplasty like every surgical procedure involves certain risks. Although the majority of patients experience some common risks such as mild pain, bruising and swelling that subsides in a short period of time, but some other risks like permanent numbness, infection, asymmetry and unsatisfactory results are directly related to the surgeon experience. So, if you expect the best result of your surgery, never ignore the importance of choosing an experienced expert.

Otoplasty FAQs

۱- When is my first follow-up appointment?

Your first follow-up appointment is typically a week after surgery during which surgeon checks the ears and removes compressive bandage. To make sure to have a progressive and smooth healing process, typically a few follow up visits willbe planned in the coming weeks.

۲ – When can the child go back to school after surgery?

The child can go back to school usually 7 days after otoplasty in Tehran. They should be careful in playground activities and avoid strenuous sports.

۳ – When should I call my healthcare provider?

Contact your surgeon if you:

  1. Develop a fever
  2. Experience excessive swelling to your surgical area

۴ – Does otoplasty last forever?

The results are typically permanent and can last for the rest of life.

۵ – How to sleep after ear surgery?

Sleep with popping your head up using two pillows. During the first two weeks avoid sleeping on the sides.

۶ – What should I eat after ear surgery?

You should drink clear liquid immediately following the otoplasty. The day after the procedure you can slowly have a solid diet and blend food. If you experience nausea or vomiting, have a clear diet for another 24 hours.

۷ – Can I sneeze after ear operation?

Sneezing puts a lot of pressure on ears. Have your mouth open while sneezing.

۸ – Can I wear headphone or AirPods?

You can wear headphone or AirPods immediately after your surgery with your surgeon permission. Ask your surgeon for advice.


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