Fancy nose rhinoplasty

Fancy nose rhinoplasty is the most popular among women especially in those with bony noses. It is not suitable for people with the features of fleshy nose, and it is not usually recommended by Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi, the best fancy nose rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran for candidates with meaty noses.


Fancy nose rhinoplasty


What is fancy nose job?

Fancy or barbie nose surgery refers to the nose operation that creates a visible curvature on the bridge. Open or closed rhinoplasty are techniques that Dr. Yahyavi, the best barbie nose job expert in Tehran, uses his stunning experience in applying each of them through a truly expert opinion on advantages and disadvantages of each type to achieve a desirable result.

About the features of fancy nose

  • A very narrow blade
  • Quite small nostrils
  • Lifted nose tip
  • Truly trimmed and visible arc on the bridge

Learn about common differences of fancy and natural nose surgeries

The angle between the nose and upper lip is of the most important differences, that reaches 105 degrees in fancy and about 90 degrees in natural nose. That’s why the tip of the nose in barbie nose surgeries is lifted but doesn’t bend too much in natural ones.

Tips about fancy nose rhinoplasty in Tehran

The fancy nose surgery is a strategy that can create a high level of beauty in the hands of an expert who seeks for the best result through the unique achievement of combining expert knowledge, surgical skills and the highest level of aesthetic visions. When it comes to the best results for the candidates of fancy nose job, a skilled expert includes all dimensions of nasal type and structure to manage common nasal deformities and alter your nose in a way to place your facial features in well-balanced proportions and create effects that enhance the whole face and improve its function, too.

It is not a good idea for patients to persist on decreasing the size of nose or lifting the tip too much. Trust your excellent surgeon to perform the type of nose job that addresses all aspects of nose to help you have facial balance that suites you the best. If you are a fancy nose rhinoplasty candidate in Iran with fleshy and thick skin nose, fancy nose style would not be a good option for you.

People who are looking for fancy nose, need to have strong cartilage and tissue and thin skin in their nose. In fact, bony noses mostly have structures that is suitable for the act of fantasizing the nose.

Pre-op instructions

  1. After choosing the right surgeon for surgery, plan to meet the expert and express your expectations and concerns about the surgery.
  2. Do all the prescribed tests and exams (if any) and take the results on the day of the operation.
  3. Stop medications such as aspirin to avoid any increase in bleeding during the operation.
  4. It is necessary for patients who smoke cigarette or drink alcohol beverages to avoid them a few weeks before surgery.
  5. Stop eating and drinking almost 8 hours before surgery to avoid your stomach upset.
  6. If you have allergy or suffer from any health problems let your surgeon know about before operation.
  7. It is necessary for patients to take a full shower on the day of surgery, because after fancy nose rhinoplasty you may not be allowed to take a shower to avoid your nasal splint get wet.
  8. Remove any jewelry and wear loose, comfortable, front button shirt
  9. Ask a friend or family member to accompany you
  10. Take all necessary documents with you
  11. On the day of the operation, is a good idea to be in the hospital or clinic an hour in advance.

what do you expect at home?

  • For the first few days, stick to a liquid, soft diet.
  • Don’t bend and pop up your head with two pillows during sleep or rest.
  • Tape your nose correctly during the recommended period of time.
  • Avoid laughing or crying. These actions put a lot of pressure on your newly designed nose and can damage the results.
  • It is normal to have swelling, bruising and pain. Don’t panic. They will resolve by applying caring instructions for complications.
  • Your surgeon prescribes pain killers to control pain after operation. Take them as prescribed.
  • Use cold compress to help with swelling and bruises.
  • Stop smoking or drinking alcohol for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Celery and fresh fruit juice can be helpful to lower swelling level.
  • Avoid having salt and spices after fancy nose rhinoplasty.
  • For two weeks avoid from heavy physical or sport activities.
  • Don’t wear glasses for two months.
  • Swimming can put your nose on the risk of infection. Avoid it for 4 months.
  • Attending in crowded places may have the risk of a sudden hit on your nose. Avoid these places.
  • Use soft toothbrush to clean your teeth.
  • Your nose skin is sensitive after surgery. Avoid the sun as much as you can.

How to choose the best fancy nose rhinoplasty surgeon

Choosing the right surgeon is one of the most important steps in assuring satisfactory results. Failure in this process can lead to disappointing outvomes. In this case, revision nose job may be essential to solve the problems caused by an inexperienced surgeon. To choose the best fancy nose job expert, keep the following factors in mind.

For Fancy nose rhinoplasty in Iran choose a surgeon who:

  1. performs all different rhinoplasties, especially fancy nose job
  2. puts much emphasis on patient safety
  3. considers the beauty and function of nose at the same level of importance
  4. informs the patient about pre- and post-care instructions
  5. is able to anticipate the results
  6. convinces patient who insists on fancy model that truly will not suit the patient face.

How to pick the best fancy nose expert in Tehran

Fancy nose rhinoplasty is mostly done for aesthetic applications, so, you have enough time to search for a good plastic surgeon.

  • Ask your friends
  • Do google search
  • Search on Instagram and other social media
  • Look at before and after photo gallery of previous patients

Fancy nose job techniques

Rhinoplasty as a procedure to change deformities of nose can be done under two open and closed techniques that the surgeon discusses which is more suitable relate to the needs and what is essential to be done technically inside the nose.

An open technique provides a better visibility of the internal structures and it will be easier for the surgeon to perform exact changes.  

In close technique no external cut is involved in the procedure and the nose is reshaped only through nostrils. So, less swelling is experienced after operation and the chance of infection lowers with faster recovery.

Since closed method entails many benefits, it is more commonly preferred procedure by Dr. Shahriyar Yahyavi with high satisfaction scores of the patients. Photo galleries of perfect results of fancy nose surgery by Dr. Yahyavi are demonstrated on his website and Instagram page that you can enjoy watching.

How much is fancy nose surgery

The average cost of total price of fancy nose rhinoplasty in Tehran includes many factors such as the surgeon fees, anesthesia, expenses related to tests and exams, visits, etc. the surgeon or staff inform you about the price of your procedure after full evaluation.


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