Diet after rhinoplasty

If you are thinking about rhinoplasty, you must know post- operative phase is really important and you should be very concerned about what you should and shouldn’t eat after the procedure. Diet directly affects on the quality of recovery period and it is necessary to be careful about what you eat and drink during this period. Here is a good guideline about what to eat and what kind of foods to avoid to have a successful recovery phase. This article can provide you with a complete information to your diet after rhinoplasty.

diet after rhinnoplasty

What to eat after nose job?

If you have a right information about your diet after surgery, it can make your recovery period more comfortable, so your recovery will be quicker and your nose will heal better. It can help you get the best outcome of your surgery and the side effects of the post operative procedure will be minimized. Following a right diet after rhinoplasty can ensure optimal healing on your nose so, having the proper foods after the procedure can help you experience a smooth recovery and get a satisfactory result.

Do not have food immediately after the procedure

Many reasons such as general anesthesia make it difficult for body to digest the food, that is why many patients suffer from constipation after rhinoplasty or any other surgical procedure. To cope with the problem, it is usually suggested to the patients to avoid having some food immediately after the procedure and to follow the right diet.

Diet after rhinoplasty – What foods to eat ?

having a good knowledge about what you should eat after procedure is really important to experience a more successful recovery of the procedure. Your doctor provides you with the necessary instructions about suitable foods you can eat during the recovery phase. If no instruction about your right diet after the surgery is available, you can easily search online to get enough information. Some of the most common recommendations about the right diet after the rhinoplasty procedure are as follow:

  • Your digestive system is very sensitive after the surgery and having some special food can disturb it so, it is recommended to avoid very hard food that is difficult to chew. Hard food puts you jaws under a lot of pressure after nose job so, it is recommended to eat soft foods in the recovery period such as apple sauce, yogurt, scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes and chicken soup that don’t need much chewing and you can easily swallow them.
  • After surgical procedures your body experiences a lot of inflammation especially where there is wound. Anti-inflammatory food is another important type of food that is recommended to patients to eat after rhinoplasty. This type of food reduces inflammation and empowers the healing of the wounds so, the wounds will heal much faster and easier. Foods such as avocado, fatty fish, and extra virgin olive oil, vegetables like strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, mushrooms, grapes, and tomatoes are great anti- inflammation resources that patients can include them in their diet during the recovery phase. Dark chocolate and green tea are other resources of anti- inflammation effects, but it is better to ask for surgeon advise for these two items.
  • High-fiber food is another good option that is suggested to have after procedure. This type of food helps your digestive system to work better so, you can experience more normal bowel movements. In this way you can avoid constipation. Some foods such as spaghetti, brown rice, popcorn, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are really good options that you can eat during the recovery period.

Foods you should avoid after rhinoplasty procedure

Earlier in this article. some general information was given about the best types of food you should eat after , but it is as important to know which types of foods that are dangerous should be avoided during the surgery procedure to ensure a quick and easy recovery and get to satisfactory results. Some foods you should avoid to have a smooth recovery period are as follow:

  • Hard foods that need too much chewing should be avoided during the healing process. This type of food increases the swelling of the nose. The upper lip is very close to the nose and when you chew the hard food, it causes the upper lip to be stretched a lot, and it puts a lot of pressure on your nose and disturbs your surgery result. Instead of having hard foods such as steak or chips, you can have small slices of apples and carrots or the foods that do not need much chewing.
  • Spicy foods are the other type of foods that you should avoid them after your nose surgery. Spicy foods are useful by themselves, but during the recovery procedure they can increase the blood pressure which in turn can cause bleeding. After operation, the veins of the nose are very fragile and a lot of blood pressure can destroy the outcome of the procedure. They can also irritate the mucous of the nose. This effect can slow down the speed of the healing process of the wounds.
  • Processed foods that are rich in sugar, sodium, and saturated fat are the worst options during the recovery phase so, it is very important to avoid eating them after the procedure.
  • You should check the temperature of the food you are eating after rhinoplasty. Very hot food after the surgery can burn parts of your mouth and increase your pain in the operated area. Too cold foods like ice cream can cause tooth pain and it can cause you feel discomfort during the recovery phase.
  • Salt is a food item that can increase the swelling, because it can retain the water. So, it is very important to avoid salty foods in order to have a smooth recovery period.
  • You should also be very careful about what you drink after nose job . Staying hydrated is really important and vital so, you should drink plenty of water during the recovery period. Non-acidic fresh juices especially celery juice and pineapple juice are very recommended. Pineapple contains bromelain. Bromelain is an enzyme that helps in reducing the swelling and bruising. Orange juice is a useful drink by itself but because it irritates stomach it is not usually recommended after rhinoplasty procedure.
  • Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are the items that can increase the chance of bleeding. They can also decrease the pace of wound healing after surgery and may cause more swelling and bruising. It is better to avoid drinking them for a while after the rhinoplasty procedure.


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